Helping Individuals and Small Businesses Operate Safely on the Internet


SafeKlix started with the idea that...

...Individuals and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats
and deserve affordable cyber security services.


Before devoting his work full time to SafeKlix LLC, Colin served as a fraud analyst and reverse engineer for an Internet security company whose clients include Fortune 50 companies. He has identified more than 10,000 fraudulent websites and removed more than 1500 from the Internet. He can help you, so you are less likely to make an unsafe click and end up losing valuable information, data, time and money.  

Colin is certified in Continuous Network Security Monitoring and has built, secured, and managed an enterprise level network for a cyber-threat research team. He has also helped businesses prevent and respond to security breaches by developing customized policies and procedures.


GIAC Continuous Monitoring Certification
Global Information Assurance Certification


Master's Degree in Cybersecurity and Leadership
The Institute of Technology at The University of Washington Tacoma


Colin Moyer