Internet Security Solutions for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses



Security Training and consulting


The solutions

Your best protection includes knowledgeable personnel, a protected network, and up to date policies and procedures. SafeKlix LLC offers affordable, customized solutions. 


Cyber Security Training

Your employees are your greatest asset, and potentially your greatest liability. With training, your employees could be your best line of defense against cyber attacks. This training will help your people know when to be suspicious and when it is safe to click. 

SafeKlix LLC cyber security training courses are designed with adult learners in mind and, unlike online courses, give opportunities to discuss course content and practice the implementation of skills within the work setting, leading to better application.


Network Security Consulting

Setting up network security systems to properly protect a business can be difficult and when not done carefully can hinder normal business operations. SafeKlix LLC will help you to configure and manage the devices on your network so they provide protection without slowing your business down.


cyber Security Policy & Procedure Development

An analysis of your existing security policy can reveal vulnerabilities in your company's defenses. SafeKlix LLC can help you develop new security policies to help you be proactive and, if necessary, reactive to cyber attacks to protect your assets and reputation. Updated policies will help employees know what to do if they suspect fraud, lose a device, have made an unsafe click, or find a security breach.

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